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Whether you are considering travel for business or pleasure, you already know that booking your flight, arranging travel when you get there and making sure that everything is in order can be a bit of pain, but this is where sites like Priceline come in.

Priceline is a company that specializes in arranging all parts of your travel, from the way that you get there, to the hotel that you will be staying at, to the car that you will be driving around. In addition that, this company will also make sure that it takes care of any vacation packages, tours, or cruise needs that you might have as well.

The first thing that you might have heard about Priceline was probably regarding it's Name Your Own Price system, where the customers can name their price for everything from their hotel rooms, to their car rentals to their airline tickets. After this, this price would be compared to what was available across the Priceline database, and the rates would be matched in a no-refund, no cancellation policy. You'll find that this been moved to a more traditional model where the customer is aware of what they are purchasing and what companies they are being provided by. T

With it's motto of “no one deals like we do,” Priceline has made a great deal of impact when it comes to helping users obtain good rates for their travel needs. Like many other companies of the same type, it is not actually the provider of these services; instead, it will give the browser a good chance to compare services and prices across different companies. There is a great deal of opportunities for the people who use these services to get the best deals and save themselves some cash, and there is also the opportunity for them to take advantage of any deals that Priceline has agreed upon with the various supplier companies themselves.

You may know Priceline best for its association with William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk; this is an ad campaign that called for Shanter to perform popular songs in spoken word. In 2004, Leonard Nimoy became the spokesperson for a time, until Shatner once again resumed his place as Priceline's spokesperson.

In looking to provide a one stop shopping area for their guests, Priceline has a great deal to offer when it comes to city guides. This singular service allows their clients to take a look at good information on the city that they will be visiting as well as do some planning as well. Many people enjoy this function as it allows them to plan more thoroughly and earlier than they would otherwise.

The main benefit that Priceline will give it's clients is the ability to find the best deals and discounts around. One of their prime advantages when it come to their competitors is their powerful search technology as well as their ability to consistently turn out the best deals for their clients. When you are planning a trip, make sure that you take advantage of what Priceline has to offer.

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