How to Get the Best Price for a Cruise Ship Vacation on a Budget

Every year, individuals and families dream about taking a vacation. Big plans often lead to downsized itineraries and travels because of monetary limits. This is especially true with a family. However, with prudent budgeting and planning, anyone can have the vacation of their dreams.

A popular dream vacation is on a cruise ship. Most families stop at the planning stages because they often think that such a trip is unaffordable. Some simple steps can improve the probability of this dream becoming a reality.

It all starts with budgeting. Simple steps include:

1) Make a daily spending diary. Write down all the spending that occurs in the household. Bills, groceries, gas, movies, all need to be accounted for. At the end of each week or month, add the expenses and subtract from all income.

2) Look at the list and see which expense can be eliminated or reduced. Get creative. Gas expenses can be reduced by carpooling. Grocery expenses can be lowered by shopping with coupons, warehouse stores, and private label goods.

3) Open a special savings account for your trip. It is best to have a routine. Some individuals find that taking a certain percentage from their paycheck and depositing the funds in their savings account works well. Other people take any savings from their expenses and place it into the bank. For example, movies can be rented instead of going to the cinema. If it costs a family $50 for a theater outing and renting a movie costs $5, the savings of $45 is deposited in the special vacation account.

4) One of the most important steps in the budgeting process is to write down the goal. Describe what type of cruise, destination, time of year, and total costs. The more detailed the writing of the goal, the more powerful the results. Something special happens when goal setting. Once a goal is set, your subconscious takes the best path to obtaining the written details. By the way, goal setting is very effective and should be used in all aspects of your life.

Budgeting and goal setting is just one aspect of making sure the cruise vacation becomes reality. When the savings account balance approaches the desired travel cost, it is time get the best price for the cruise.

1) Contact as many travel agents as possible to get pricing. Some agents only specialize in one or two cruise lines. Often, individual agents get special promotions from cruise lines and the savings are passed on to the traveler.

2) Ask about cash rebates. Some common rebates include free passage for third and fourth passengers, free air fare, flat rates for inside and outside room cabins.

3) Be sure to call the cruise ship company or check their website. Special deals are sometimes found that aren’t offered anywhere else.

4) Don’t forget to check the online travel sites. Get on the email lists to be notified of special last minute deals.

5) If you are adventurous, you can contact the cruise ship company at the last minute to get special rates for unfilled room cabins.

6) Also consider any discounts you may be able to get with any affiliations such as credit unions, triple A, and senior discounts.

In the beginning, it may seem impossible to obtain the necessary funds to go on a cruise ship vacation. However, with prudent planning, goal setting, and budgeting, you can soon realize your dream.


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